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Successful business needs quality accounting services

We are offering you a complete accounting service package or the full list of services which can help you focus on the important things for your business.

Our experts can answer all your questions and consult you when you take key decisions regarding your business.

What exactly can we do for you?

Accounting services:

Indite personal accounting policy and chart of accounts.

Process and account primary accounting documents.

Prepare and submit monthly logs of daily purchases, sales and VAT return to the tax authorities.

Process reports from cash book and bank statements.

Prepare monthly payment orders for obligations to the national budget.

complete list of included Accounting services


Process incoming data - paid leaves, sick days, other specific accruals and deductions.

Calculatе wages by a certified high quality software.

Preparе а summarized recapitulation of salaries and personal payslips, which can be send via e-mail to your employees.

Preparе and submit declarations 1 and 6 to NRA (National Revenue Agency.

Process and submit to NSSI (National Social Security Institute) of sick leaves documents, declarations of parenthood (motherhood and fatherhood).

Provide online banking service for budget payments.

Staff Administration:

Prepare employment contracts, additional agreements and orders for termination of employment.

Prepare and submit notifications of new, changed or terminated employment contracts to National Revenue Agency.

Prepare certificates of employment (regarding kindergarten etc.).

Monitoring and provisioning of employee’s unused paid leaves on monthly and annual base.

All activities are complying the requirements of Bulgarian legislation and depend on your business industry.

Rates for companies without VAT registration.


144 BGN (73.63 €)
  • Accounting
    21 - 40 documents
  • Payroll
    up to 2 employees
  • Staff

    up to 2 employees

The rate is with VAT included.


168 BGN (85.90 €)
  • Accounting
    41 - 80 documents
  • Payroll
    up to 2 employees
  • Staff

    up to 2 employees

The rate is with VAT included.

The rates above are only estimates. If you would like to know the exact rate for the services you need, please contact us.

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