Service Packages

Регистрация на фирма със абонамент за счетоводно обслужване

Startup Business

Quick and easy way to start your business. We will take care for your company registration, accounting and payroll.

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Счетоводство, Обработка на заплати (ТРЗ) и Администриране на персонал

Complete Accounting

There is not a successful business without quality accounting. Our service package includes payroll and staff administration.

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Individual Services

Ведомости за заплати


Always on time. We can guarantee you high quality, reliability and confidentiality during payroll processing and data storage.

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Личен състав

Staff Administration

You can count on our experts to comply the legal provisions related to the Staff Administration.

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Счетоводни услуги

Accounting services

Keep the legal requirements and timelines. We are offering you a accuracy, propriety and high quality.

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