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Company Registration:

Registration in Bulgarian Registry Agency
- We are going to fill and submit all necessary documents. The services is free of charge, due is only the fee to Bulgarian Registry Agency.

Registration by the Value Added Tax Law
- Registration is done when it is requested by the client or when the company’s taxable turnover reaches the legal threshold.

Complete Accounting:

Accounting services
- Our experts will indite, process, fill and submit all necessary tax declarations and documents.

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- Our experts will work quickly and efficiently and at same time they will follow avery provision and requirement of Bulgarian Labour Code, Social Security and Tax Laws.

complete list of included Payroll services

Staff Administration
- We are prepared to perform all actions related to your staff’s administration, including: preparation of employment contracts, maintaining registers, preparation and submission of notification to the National Revenue Agency e.t.c.

complete list of included Staff Administration services

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Company registration service is free of charge, due is only the fee to Bulgarian Registry Agency.

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