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It is important that your employees get their wages on time.

Payroll is an easy task when it is performed by experts

Payroll requirements are complicated and constantly changing.
Be up to date as you choose our experts. They follow every change in the Bulgarian Labour Code, Social Security and Tax Laws.

Our professional payroll service guarantee the highest standards for quality and confidentiality that you require. We also believe that any outstanding service should be personal and should fit your needs and priorities.

Please see below our full list of included services!

Payroll included services:

Processing of incoming data about holidays, sick leaves, unpaid leaves and other specific charges and deductions

Calculation of wages by a certified high quality software

Preparation of summarized recapitulation of salaries and personal payslips, which can be send via e-mail to your employees

Preparation and submission of declarations 1 and 6 to NRA (National Revenue Agency)

Processing and submission to NSSI (National Social Security Institute) of sick leaves documents, declarations of parenthood (motherhood and fatherhood)

Preparation of the necessary documents for retirement (UP-2 and UP-3)

Filling in labour books, filling in and legalization of Social Security books

Preparation of payment orders for the due taxes, social securities and health insurances contributions

Online banking service for budget payments, payroll and other specific needs (for example payments to additional voluntary pension funds, life insurance, bank loans, donations, etc.)

Preparation of certificates related to termination of employment contracts

Preparation of annual income certificate and other certificates requested by an employee

Preparation of certificates and calculations about payments under civil contracts

Preparation of quarterly and annual reports for NSI (National Statistical Institute)

Additional Services (when requested by the client):

Submission of applications and statements to the NRA and NSSI regarding past correction period

Preparation of documents regarding inspections and audits

Tax representation and audit defense during inspections and audits



18 BGN (9.20 €)
/per person
  • Under civil contract
  • Processing of payments
    up to 10 employees

The rate is with VAT included.

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